We’re Going to Israel!

Dear Ones,

It’s officially official! We’re going to Israel in less than three weeks! You wouldn’t believe the trouble we had to go through to get one of our passports. It took nearly four months, but it’s done and we are super excited to go.

Last Spring, I began to think about our yearly vacation that we take in the Fall. I’m not sure what my process was but Israel came to mind. It never occurred to us to even think about going because of the cost. I decided that it would be a trip of a lifetime, I knew my husband, Fred would love to go. Somehow, I knew in my heart that this was the year to go. And that deep desire grew until I knew it must be the leading of the Holy Spirit. I kept it a secret from Fred for about two months, wanting to surprise him on his birthday in July. Even before he found out, once I made the commitment, we began to experience challenges and struggles in areas that we had never had trouble before. The delay of the passport was only a small part of it.

I told the Messianic Rabbi that is coordinating the trip about our struggles and he asked, “What does that tell you?” My immediate response was that Satan doesn’t want us to go. And he said, “That’s right.”

I know that Satan would want to steal, kill, and destroy any good that will come of it. But, Satan is not omniscient. So, I think that this enemy of our Father in heaven can see that this trip will bring worship to our Lord and the level of how much we desire to do that in Israel, is what he can see and has come against it. Besides, the subtitle of my book that I am working on will be about adversity. So, working through adversity would be a good thing. 

We will worship the Lord in Jerusalem! The other day, just before the passport came, I was led to this scripture:

Psalm 116:18,19 I will fulfill my vows to the Lord

                               in the presence of all his people,

                               in the courts of the house of the Lord—

                                in your midst, Jerusalem.

                               Praise the Lord.

I wondered if it was the Lord reassuring me that everything is going to be ok. Then, within a couple days, we received the passport. God reassures us when we need it. He’s a good, good Father, it’s Who He Is! And I’m loved by Him:) 

I can’t wait to tell you all about our trip!

Lots of love,




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