The New “Fresh” Store

Lots of this in your local grocery store!

Dear Friend,

A new store in our area had a grand opening not long ago. I waited a few weeks and then decided to go. More for curiosity but I was very open to buying certain items there if it proved to be truly “market fresh” AND organic. AND reasonable in price. May I be honest?  

I was very disappointed. It could be called a specialty store, no doubt about that. It has a bakery area, a deli, fresh fruits and veggies, lots of dried produce, dry goods, supplements, essential oils, and hair and body care products. And, it’s pretty inside with a nice branding. But what is more important to me is that I know that “healthy” is truly simple and affordable. Therein was my disappointment.

easy to find organic in your local grocery store

The first thing I noticed was that the prices were high, but I know organic is going to be more expensive. But, most of the produce was not marked organic. And what they did have, I could get at the local store chains for less. As I took a little time to see if the organic and all-natural products were made of simple ingredients, I saw lists of ingredients in baked goods, dry goods, and body care products consisting of the same ingredients I could assume you are trying to avoid if you shop there.  

So, here is another store, claiming to be something they are not. Bottom line, you can find the very same products in our chain stores for a lot less. Or buy online and save more if you are savvy in finding bargains. Shop for items with real food ingredients. ALL of the ingredients in an “all natural” or “organic” package can be explained in parenthesis in plain English. If those explanations are not there, chances are, the ingredient is not natural or has been changed chemically.    

the kiddos can eat healthy too!

I did pick up some tomatoes, simply because I needed them. And a bar of olive oil soap to try. As I stood in line, I glanced at the magazines there: “Mindfulness” (aka, an new word for “being present in the moment”, both are new age terms about something oh, so simple), “Peace” through yoga exercises, and the latest in health tips. It was SOOOOO ironic. The employees were impatient and cross with each other. And definitely not mindful of the customers and definitely not peaceful. Even many of the customers were uptight. Some were anxiously asking advice from store employees who were new and had been trained in the back corner just moments before.

another example of finding organic in the grocery aisle

Why not keep it simple? Eat fresh and cook from scratch. Before you say it’s too expensive, price it out and see. Maybe you can substitute your convenience food for “real” food. Learn to cook in bulk so you won’t have to cook everyday, relying on prepackaged foods. Skin and hair care is definitely more expensive, but learn to use less. You can begin buying a few supplies and make your own skin care and body wash. I haven’t found a good shampoo recipe, so I order expensive organic online but it’s sooooo worth it. I just use less. 

Please don’t let stores like that make you think you must spend exorbitant amounts of money in order to buy healthy food and products.  

Lots of love,


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