The Impossible

While you work in your garden next time, be still. Listen to what the Lord is telling you.

Is God asking you to take courage and do something that is impossible for you to do? Something that you couldn’t orchestrate, no matter how hard you tried?

The garden can be a wonderful refuge where you can talk to God, receive inspiration and encouragement, and even be encouraged to step out in faith and do what God is leading you to do. While you work or walk in your garden, you become sure that what God is calling you to do is a good thing. But.

Have you ever noticed that Satan loves to screw up a good thing?

When you read the stories of Jesus in the Gospels, you see the enemy behind the scenes. All the time. Doubts. Fears. A wrong view of who we are, who others are….. The list goes on and on. The roadblock that keeps you from going forward can come through circumstances, other people, and yourself. When that happens, I think the focus is in the wrong place.

Consider Jesus’ answer to a very practical concern that the disciples expressed to Him, “This is a deserted place, and the hour is already late. Send the multitudes away, that they may go into the villages and buy themselves food.” Matthew 14:15.

What was Jesus’ reply? “They don’t need to go away. You give them something to eat.”


Jesus told them to do something that was impossible for them to do.

But it wasn’t impossible for Jesus to do. The next thing Jesus had the disciples do was to simply bring Him what they had. And “what they had” actually came from the crowd. Jesus multiplied what was already there to begin with. The disciples were then commissioned to pass out what He had multiplied.

Remember that the disciples were not the ones with the five loaves and two fish.

But they did bring them to the Lord. He is the one who multiplied. Then, they were then commissioned to distribute the food. So, your part is two things. First, bring to the Lord what is already there. (What is it?) and ask the Lord to multiply it. Second, distribute what He multiplied.

Supposing that you are embarking on something that is impossible, and you do take courage, and think about what the next steps are. You may not even be out of the garden yet and doubts and fear have already begun to bombard you. Maybe you have already begun gathering the “food” from the places that you are called to go to. Maybe you have already brought those things to the Lord in prayer. Please know this: discouragement is actually a ploy of the enemy and it’s certain that he will use it as a weapon against God. You may be discouraged from an outside source or maybe your discouragement is based on past experiences. Before you know it, you’re afraid to take another step, afraid of failure, or getting it wrong, or what other people will think.

Discouragement seems to hit us the hardest just before the end. These carrots have about one more month of growing before the harvest. It’s a time of tremendous growth. The last month is so important. If a gardener is impatient, he may pull the carrots before they have fully matured, decreasing the amount of harvest he could have had.

Be patient!  Pray! Ask God for wisdom. Ask Him for courage.

Finally, ask Him to show you who can support you, meaning, you as a person. God loves you more than the “thing” He is telling you to do. This is important. You weren’t meant to go out alone, doing an impossible mission all by yourself. Maybe your next step is to ask God to bring others around you who will love you, even if you are afraid or discouraged.

Walk on! Take another step.  

What is your next step?


God is responsible for the impossible! Walk on!


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