The Best Way to Homeschool So That Your Children Will Thrive

Is he going to score well on his tests?

It’s bad enough that we are bombarded with self-doubt about our decisions to teach at home or not, but the pressure of completing curriculum so your child can score well on a test can put us over the top with anxiety.

It’s hard to not give in and begin putting the pressure on the child to process information in ways he is not equipped to do. Yet.

Teaching at home doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are somewhere in-between struggling with making a decision to homeschool or not or if you’ve been at it long enough to be “over it”, I can help you. 

Is you child giving you signals that something is missing in a school day that focuses on textbooks only? Let your child learn by wonder, discovery, and observation first. The rest will come.

I can’t promise every day will be rosy, but I can promise you that, one day, you will know what I know….

Learning by discovery was the right thing to do for your child’s development.

If you teach at home or want to make “traditional school” exciting, the method of learning by discovery is the best way to teach. Your child will engage in the lessons when they look forward to empowerment to explore with curiosity.

Why do we get so discouraged with home school?

girl discovering with magnifying glass

The problem could be too much time with textbooks

Do you or your child feel tied to a demanding curriculum?

We were made to wonder, to explore, discover and then use that knowledge to make conclusions. It’s not to be all “rote memory” and parroting back given facts.

“Children learn best by the discovery method-by doing, experimenting, observing, and imitating-not once over lightly, but repeatedly.” Home Grown Kids, pg. 199, Raymond and Dorothy Moore

Discouragement does happen. Here’s an article that will help you when you are feeling discouraged: 20 post-grad kids and moms share thoughts and convictions in this “live” interview of real homeschoolers. How Do I Know If Homeschooling Is Right For Our Family

Lessons Done For You

Let me help you with some FREE lessons and a different perspective that will bring some relief that will restore curiosity, exploration, and a desire to learn by discovery. 

Here at Seasons of Devotion, I create studies for you so you will find some relief from the stress you may be feeling. Use these lessons and you will be assured that your kids will have room to wonder and to learn by discovery. 

I offer the lessons on the website for free and to make the accompanying workbook chapters free to print as well. As a single income family for many years, I understand how homeschooling can be hard on the family finances. 

Here’s the order in which the best way to homeschool works:

  • Give ample opportunity to explore
  • Encourage wonder
  • Allow expression
  • Talk with them
  • Encourage expression with art first
  • Convert what they learned into vocabulary
  • Use vocabulary to express the same thing in written assignments
  • Allow for more wonder…..allow time to explore more

Why does that work?

Think of it this way: You are giving them a peg to hang the textbook learning on. What they later learn in a book will make sense because they have already processed a lot of information through touch, sight, hearing, and, believe it or not, a deep sense of wonder has been satisfied.

The Secret Inside: the first series is available now!

The first series is based on a delightful book that is now out of print: “Grocery Store Botany” by Joan Elma Rahn. The content is well-represented in my botany series: “The Secret Inside”. I created the lessons so that your child will have plenty of room to discover the secrets. That way, when you have to add textbooks (if you must), they will have the “pegs” in place.

The lessons are on this blog, under the heading, “Botany for Kids”. The Printable workbook chapters are available to subscribers for FREE.

Once you go through a series or two, you will see the difference it makes in your child and you will be able to teach the same method. Your own creativity will be encouraged to expand. I hope you will be brave enough to continue going forward with confidence.

Get Started With Teaching the Discovery Method

Start with this page which lists the lessons: Garden Integrated Studies

You can download the free printable workbook chapters when you subscribe HERE.

What are the supplies I need?

The supplies you will need are most likely already in your kitchen. Most of the items you will study are found in the produce section of the grocery store. Economical and easily found!  

If you have subscribed, you can find the workbook in the library. If you haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for! You will gain access to the library that has all the free printables for these lessons along with helpful worksheets for gardeners. There’s journal and schedule worksheets that will make you amazingly organized too! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Coming Soon!

I am combining the FREE lessons already published as posts on this website with the FREE workbook chapters that you can print now into one book. I will offer it for purchase as one ebook and a “real” book soon after the ebook will be available. The ebook and the hardcopy will be offered at a low price to be determined. I am committed to keeping the price as low as possible. 

Future Publications

I plan to create studies in the same style as the “Secrets Inside” series. The subjects will be about things a family would need to know in relation to growing their own food. The subjects will include: weather, agronomy, insects, and nutrition. 

Supplement the Series with Ease

Seasons of Devotion’s studies are not meant to be textbooks that contain what they may need to know for a standardized test. (Although much of what they will need to know will be covered.) The activities are designed to give them a strong foundation or “pegs” to hold the more “formal” learning on. I often used textbooks as a reference until 6th or 7th grade before turning the child completely over to textbooks. 

Encourage your older child to begin subjects with exploration. It will give that part of their personhood to mature and creativity will develop. It’s fairly easy to add the textbook afterward or alongside Seasons of Devotion studies.

For some good pointers for new homeschoolers, visit this site for a list: Survival Mom-Tips. The site is full of great info on a lot of different subjects.

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Ready to have a more relaxed homeschool style?

Get started now. Learn how to teach a more natural and relaxed way. 

Subscribe now and get your free workbook chapters.


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When you join our community, you’ll receive access to FREE printable workbooks, including the unit study workbook, student chapters for my kid’s botany lessons,and more.

When you join our community, you'll receive access to FREE printable workbooks, including the unit study workbook, student chapters for my kid's botany lessons,and more.

Don't forget to get your FREE Printable Unit Study Workbook, and Free Student Botany Printable Workbook Chapters and more!

Your Stress just got less!

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