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The Versatile Box Grater is the Smartest Kitchen Tool There Is

No, Really! You want fresh coleslaw and you don’t want to drag out the heavy food processor. Not to mention all the pieces of the alleged time-saver that you have to wash afterward. Your old-fashioned box grater is one of the most valuable, versatile tools in your kitchen drawer. I can show you some tips that will make it even more valuable!

Really! The amazing box grate is amazingly versatile, it’s cheap, and it saves a ton of time in the kitchen.

The box grater has two different sized grating holes, a slicer and a zester, all in one! It helps if you know a couple of tricks on how to safely hold the veggie and I’ll show you the difference between the sizes of the shredded veggies.

Even a good box grater is cheap! The one I use is currently $19.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond by OXO. I prefer to use it without the rubber bottom and container. It’s cheap enough to easily replace when the edges get dull. It should actually last for many years, making it an investment of less than $1.00 per year! It saves a lot of time, making it very efficient. This box grater does more than grate. It’s actually very versatile. Most of your chopping and slicing chores are done with this handheld grater/slicer. With a few of my techniques, you will be surprised at how fast it gets the job done.

Check this amazing recipe for creamy coleslaw so you can see what it does:https://seasonsofdevotion.com/favorite-creamy-coleslaw-2/

And this one too! Oriental Chicken Salad: https://seasonsofdevotion.com/oriental-chicken-salad/



This is a very, very sharp tool.

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The Techniques that make this kitchen tool amazing: 

cut cabbage into quarters, leaving the stem on-it becomes your handle!
cabbage cut on the large hole side of the grater.
cabbage using slice side of box grater
cabbage cut on the slicing side of the grater.

How to slice cabbage:

Cut the cabbage into quarters, leaving the stem on. The stem will become your handle. Use the side of the grater/slicer that slices and run the cabbage back and forth over the holes. Don’t try to just push it through. Use an even back and forth pressure and it will slice/grate quickly. Lay the cabbage on the top of the grater with your stem handle toward the handle of the grater so that the smaller end goes through the holes first. Slice back and forth until you get to the core and then turn what is left of the quarter on its side slightly and continue to slide the piece back and forth until you reach the core.

There will be some outer leaves that don’t make it through-just set those aside for now. Watch the core of the cabbage and work around it. You can get pretty close to the core, leaving little waste on the inside part. Sort through the cut cabbage to find any large pieces and any outer leaves that you saved. Those dark green pieces are good and they make a pretty salad. Stack the pieces on your cutting board and slice them into slivers and add to the rest of your cabbage.  

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carrots using large holes in box grater

How to grate the carrots:

Peel one or two carrots. Leave the top on as this is what you will be holding onto.  Turn the grater to the side with large holes. Run the carrot back and forth over the holes. Once you learn to do this, you may be inspired to make carrot salad, muffins, cake……using the side with the small holes.

prepare onion for grater
half onion sliced

How to slice an onion on the grater:

Here is a tip on how to prepare an onion for easy slicing. Score a circle around the onion about one inch from the root end. slice off the opposite end to create a flat surface. Score through the outer skin again, cutting from the circle score to the end that you  just sliced off. Now you should be able to pull off just the outer layer of dry skin and still have a top to hold on to. The last step is to cut the onion in half, cutting through the root downward, leaving the top “handle” that you have created. If you leave the onion whole, it will be too big to slide over the slicing side, which is narrower than the grating side. Place one of the halves on it’s side, holding it where the roots used to be. Carefully slice slivers of onion. You can cut these slivers in half if you want. This gives you control of just how much you prefer in your salad.

How to slice a potato on the slicer: 

Check to see if your potato will fit on the slicing side. If not, cut the potato lengthwise, making it thinner. The slices will be halved, but that’s not going to affect your recipe, I promise. Use a motion of going back and forth, putting a little pressure going both ways. This technique gives you a bit more control. Instead of trying to slice toward the slicing cutouts, just go back and forth and it will get sliced. Remember! Do not take your eyes off what you are doing. You will have a little waste because you don’t want to get your fingers too close.

lemon and zest on board
lemon and zest on cutting board

How to zest and/or grate citrus: 

There is a side on the grater for zesting citrus. I find it easier to use a handheld tool specifically for zesting. But this works great if you would like to have one less kitchen tool. Simply hold the whole fruit and rub it back and forth against the sharp edge. Do not zest past the colored part of your fruit. The design of this grater makes it a little hard to get your zest off the grater. That is why I prefer a hand tool specifically for zesting. 

There you have it! You will have fresh veggies that will boost the flavor of your dishes. The box grater is the best economical kitchen tool you can have. It saves you time and money and adds a flavor boost to your recipes.

I think it’s amazing for such a simple, old-fashioned tool.

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