Rain Lilies

Twenty years later, they are still part of my lawn!

Years ago, I packed my shovel and some newspaper into the back of my car. I drove a couple of miles, stopped, and dug up some wild lilies that were along side of the road. When I got home, I planted them randomly all over my front lawn, right down into the grass. Neighbors dig up their lilies and throw them away, so my husband asked me why I would plant weeds in the yard. I replied, “Because they have a story.”

You see, these lilies aren’t like the lilies that we carefully fertilize, groom and admire within the confines of our flowerbeds. (Although they can be planted there too.) These wild lilies bloom, and when they fade away, their leaves look like part of the grass. They stay in that state for many months. I can water, fertilize, check the depth of the bulb to make sure they have not smothered, and weed around them. But no matter what I do, I can’t make them bloom.

One summer, we had a drought-very unusual here in Florida. I wondered about whether the lilies had survived. I hadn’t seen them for a long time. The grass had died in patches where they had been planted. Finally, a tropical depression brought rain for several days. The next morning, I went outside for my daily walk and there they were, facing the early morning sun, glowing in all their glory! Their story had fully bloomed once again. The common name for these lilies are simply, “rain lilies”. Now you know! Nothing but rain can make them bloom.

Rain lilies and wild flowers are welcome here!

I think of my life and I ask myself, “Am I willing to bloom with “rain” from God?” I think of the times when I wanted to be in complete control of my life. I planned my life and then asked God to bless my plans. Now, I will first ask God what plans He has for me and I am willing to be completely available for His direction and wait for His timing. While I am waiting, I simply live, knowing God is a good Father. Then, I will bloom with a beauty that I could never have produced on my own.


As wonderful as the blooming is for me, I hope there is also a benefit for others as well. My reward is when I stand in amazement and look up-where the rain comes from. My favorite story sings along with the lilies: “Only God could have done that.”

I recently drove past a lady who was parked along side the road. As I drove by her slowly, I saw that she had a shovel. She was digging up rain lilies. I smiled, and said to myself, “She knows.”

Lots of love,


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