The Secret Inside Seeds



Based on an out-of-print book, “Grocery Store Botany” by Joan Elma Rahn

The Secret Inside Seeds, by Deborah Schreffler

15 PRINTABLE pages that will take your child on an amazing journey of discovery.


Start your child with lots of wonder with this botany unit study that has been done for you!


This is chapter one of a series, “The Secret Inside”. Each unit is complete with the teacher’s instructions and the lesson is integrated into the workbook pages. The method of allowing your child to wonder and discover is tried and true. My own children discovered important facts about plants and the secrets inside plants with this series of unit studies that I created.  

This could be the start of a whole new world of botany for your child!

It just might be the most important thing you can do for your child! When you give your child room to wonder, explore, and discover, you are giving him a sturdy peg to hang all the rest of the facts on. The peg will serve your child for years to come as he progresses through further studies concerning biology.

More chapters will be added soon!!!

There are a total of six chapters. I think the best one to start with is seeds, but I’m sure any order will be fine. What is your child interested in? Start with that part of the plant. It’s also ok to give your child some guided interest. No hard and fast rules in my book of “wonder”ful learning!

The whole book is coming soon!

When the chapters are complete, they will be combined into one large book. This is still in the planning stage and may or may not be published traditionally. At the very least, it will be available as a digital print. Stay tuned! Subscribe to stay informed. Subscribers get coupons and freebies.

This is a digital product only! No refunds are available for this product. 


It’s a deal! Only $2.99!

Get it now, print it, and have fun with your kids.

I am sure that you and your child are about to create a treasure that will last a lifetime.


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