E-book: Homeschool Moms and Kids: 10 Years After



Homeschool Kids & Moms: 10 Years After


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They were the first ones to be home-educated. Homeschooling had just been legalized in most states.

They were the same kids as your kids…..they had good days and bad days. They loved their social times and often gave their mom-teacher a hard time.

They are all now young adults who agreed to share with you how homeschool has affected their lives now. Most of them graduated ten years ago.

They tell us what went right and what went wrong.  Their reflections and views of homeschool are eye-opening.

The moms were pioneers in the homeschool zone. They were all afraid of things like, “What if I don’t teach them everything they need to know?” and “What if my kid doesn’t score well on the tests?”. They wondered how it would affect the kids once they were grown.

Hear it from them, ten years after they graduated their kids. They are all glad that they homeschooled their kids but they all have some words of wisdom about everyday school time and homeschool life.

This is a book of interviews.


I wanted you to hear it straight from them. I added very little commentary. There are pages for notes so you can record your impressions, thoughts, and prayers. Some questions for you to think about are on separate pages to help you process what you learned.

You will be inspired to go forward without making the mistakes these families made and you’ll want to repeat the things that are fondly remembered and have lasting value.

Discover what those things are. The answers may surprise you!

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