ABC Memory Cards and Checklist



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Your Kids Will Be Reciting Bible Verses in No Time!

These cards are perfect for ages four through twelve as well as anyone who is a beginner with Scripture memorization. The verses were chosen with careful consideration to represent the Good News. Other verses include reminders of God’s laws and grace toward His children.

A checklist is included for the listener.

Print the cards on cardstock. Cut them out, using the heavy lines as a guide. A paper cutter makes the project go quickly. For your convenience in the future, I left space in the top, left-hand corner for a hole punch. You can use a paper ring to keep the cards in order and handy to flip through. The last page has blank cards. You can add those and encourage your child to write their name on one and decorate the others.

I recommend that you set a reward for an agreed-upon amount of scriptures in order to get the reward. You could make an agreement with your child about an incentive that will encourage them to complete the whole pack.

Get in the habit of spending just a few minutes a day memorizing scripture. You’ll be glad you did. God’s word is an amazing way to remind ourselves of how much He loves us.

Scripture can be the way to your child’s heart, “I have hidden you word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”  Psalm 119:11


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