Oh Author, Where Hast Thou Been?

Where has the blog gone? The author went to work! But not in this lovely place, but these stairs seem to lead to the land of authors!

And now, the author is semi-retired. And it’s back to writing again! I plan on sharing the adventure with you again as the story continues to develop. I was hoping to publish right about now, but the book is nowhere near done. You wouldn’t believe the kajillion pieces of the story that’s been written. I found out that I couldn’t just write it from beginning to end. And, the pieces can and will probably be moved into a different order.

Once it’s finished, I will need beta readers. Then an editor. Then back to rewriting parts, I’m sure. Then I’ll have to buy ISBN numbers. And in the midst of that, research who and how to publish it and in what format or more than one format. And how will I get the word out that I have a book for all y’all to read?

I guess some artists want only to write. That’s not the case with me. The different aspects of the book going public are not holding me back, but it definitely can be time consuming. But, what is it all about if not to reach people? I love being out and around people, so perhaps the book will do that. Also, as daunting as getting the business part of writing done, I am usually up for challenges as long as the players play nice! I am thinking that I will look for a mentor that has done this and can help me through the necessary steps. Perhaps. I’m naturally independent and free thinking about stuff like that.

And it costs money to publish a book. I figure I will need to sell something like a couple thousand books to break even, depending on what avenue they are sold through.

It’s a lot. And the story needs to get done! Maybe in a few more months it will be ready for beta readers?

And in the midst of that, there’s family life, church life, the garden, and I do still work part time. And, oh yeah, a big challenge for me-the website needs work. That takes many times more that it should because I am that independent person who must do it myself!  

Speaking of the other parts of my life, I am scheduled to teach Unlimiting God, by Richard Blackaby, starting May 16th. I will share about that in this blog too. Consider joining us if you are local to Plant City. It will be informal setting, Wednesday nights from 6:30 to around 8:00. Feel free to contact me if you would like to join us.

Lots of Love,


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