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No More “Do”

No More “Do”

John 14:6

Dear friend,

So, what is left if those systems of how to prioritize are not a way that is best? (If you missed previous posts that leads to this post, you can read them here: ) The image here is one example of zillions of images about how to map your life! (I tried to choose one that did not come against any one organization that does this:)) I’m not suggesting that goals and plans on how to achieve them are unnecessary, but I am suggesting that we have turned to means that ultimately instill burdens. Why? Burdens on top of the burdens that are already there. What? You were told that mapping your future would get rid of anxiety? I know. I did too. But it didn’t work. Took a while for me to learn that. So, I have a couple questions.

Why do you feel you must achieve? To be admired? Could it be a drive that started long ago when someone told you that you weren’t good enough? Maybe as a Christian, you turned that pain into needing to do something FOR God. Somehow, some way, all that “doing” will make that rejection go away and you will feel approval once again. This is why I say we look for answers to “prioritize” in all the wrong places. What is amazing is that not only does the Lord want to take those burdens away (the ones that drive us to need to feel worthy), but He gives us perfect ways to prioritize and to achieve. And it’s not about you and what you achieve. It’s about God and his purposes. But, if you are weighed down with burdens, you can’t really find the freedom that the Lord promises us.

Do you remember that I said that repentance is the key? If you prayed for God to reveal to you a burden that you are carrying, did you pray the simple prayer that was suggested? The reason why I asked you to go ahead and do that is because that is where healing from the burdens begins. It’s absolutely necessary for you to do if you want to be set free. Remember the tree and its fruit? Only the Lord can remove the fruit because He will heal the root cause that’s feeding the bad fruit (burdens). But repentance must come first. It’s His way. If you can trust His word that tells us to repent, and do it, sincerely, you will begin to experience all those things I listed in the post, “Priorities”.

If you will walk through that prayer and begin to diligently seek the Lord for His new way for you, and it will be a different way in dealing with life. Every day, keep in mind those who just wanted to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. They believed they would be healed. They made the effort to push through and not give up.

Our scripture text says, Jesus said,  “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Friend, He is all you need for your map. He has your map, guaranteed!

Take ahold of his garment, dear friend. Seek him every day. Lean on him, not your own understanding. This freedom you will experience will grow and multiply as He shows you more areas that He wants to heal. More burdens He wants you to give to Him. The steps to repentance and healing will usually become easier with each burden you give to Jesus. Why? Because you will have experienced new life, which builds your faith for more. Here is the simple prayer again. Next post will continue with how to Live, not just Do Life.

Oh Lord, You’ve shown me a burden that I am carrying. I have relied on my strength to carry it. Please forgive me for the decision to take care of that by myself. I forgive anyone who may have caused me to believe I must carry it (including myself if it was self-imposed) and I forgive my sinful response. I accept your forgiveness as I forgive them. Please show me how to live without the burden. I really want a “new” way of life. Amen.

Lots of love,



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