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New Things?

New Things?

Eccl. 1:9, Judges 17:6, 21:25

Dear Friend,

In my previous posts called, “Priorities” and “Burdens”, I invited you to consider the idea that we often turn to our own ways for accomplishments. The last thing I asked you to do was to ask the Lord to help you to see if there are any burdens you are carrying-because burdens can affect your priorities which affect your accomplishments.

If God has shown you something, it’s easy to confuse “more discipline” with God’s grace and mercy. Here is an illustration: A fruit tree bears fruit in its season. If you pick the fruit, more fruit will appear again-sooner or later. Mere discipline is like picking fruit from a tree. It appears to solve the problem but it only erases the appearance temporarily. This is called “behavior modification” in humans!

This is where we get confused. We have many means to guide us in how to discipline ourselves by many well known or well respected persons. Basically, the message they give is that In order to get rid of the “bad”, we must allow the “good” to “shine”. Rather than list the many means we can turn to for this “ideal” life, just search the word, priorities, and look at them all. Christian, secular, known authors, unknown, speakers….all give us a way to a better life.

A careful study of the where these ideas come from brings us way back to some Greek theology. Which has it’s roots in Egyptian theology. Admittedly, it’s been years since I studied this so this is a bold statement without resources but bear with me. Today, the “old” Egypt that threatens us with this idea that we can self-discipline until we become a shining light is “New Age”. I submit that our “new” means to “good” is really old!

The  bottom line: we each turn to what is right in our own eyes. And that is so old, it began in the garden of Eden! You can see it Judges several times, which is a basic type of returning to Egypt.

So, what’s left if options or systems, mapping, or looking “within” is not going to fix the fruit tree of our heart? If these ideas are new to you, it’s probably best to begin by asking God to show you the validity of this post.

I’ll leave you with that and will continue this subject in future blogs. Giving you some time, 

because sometimes, it takes some time to accept that we have returned to “Egypt”. We all have turned to our own ways in some way at some time.

Oh Lord, have I turned to my own ways? It seemed right. It was recommended. Yet, deep down, I still feel burdened. I’ve learned to cover the burden up. I would like to be free of it. Please open my heart to accept your lead and to hear what You are telling me.

Lots of love,


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