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View from Herod’s Palace

I mentioned the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in my last post. The water is a color I haven’t seen anywhere else. Perhaps the dry atmosphere makes it appear that color as it reflects a brilliant blue sky. Here is a picture. Just as a picture of our local beach cannot display the full impact of the expanse, neither does this photo fully capture the color and beauty of the surroundings. The photo does not really show the “green” of the sea. 

It’s 1/4 mile from one end to the other!

I mentioned that there was an arena within a short walking distance from the ampi-theater. This is it. Wouldn’t mind seeing a rodeo from this, but it’s much bigger than a rodeo arena. There is a grand entrance at one end where much fanfare would accompany the heroes of the day. Chariots would race around the long oval. Royalty would sit in the center, in the middle of all that action. There is also a “box” for a front prominent view if Royalty wanted.  

A part of the remnants of the aquaduct in Caesarea

Finally, I mentioned the aquaduct. This remaining piece is within another short walk farther up the beach from the arena. If you were to walk the whole distance from the ampi-theater, through Herod’s Palace, through the Arena, and end your walk at the Aquaduct, you would cover about half a mile. It’s a lot of action in a small area. There is more excavation to be done, so perhaps the old seaport will show us an expanded city one day.

I was surprised to see the condition of these ancient structures. They have survived over 2000 years. I can’t quite wrap my head around that as we think that a home that survived 100 years is great. Or if a home was 200 or more years, we want to make a museum out of them. State Capitol buildings or monuments are built of stone and have survived the elements well, which are the oldest structures we are more readily recognizing.

Perhaps we should look for a stone quarry to build our home! But then, the next generation or two would not like the design: they would want to “update” and move the walls or put the kitchen somewhere else, or maybe add walls because the “open” look is no longer wanted. We seem to be happier with homes that develop a structure crack within a year or two, but we can move the walls! Aren’t we an interesting bunch? 

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