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Led by the Holy Spirit

Dear friend,

A common thing that we do is ask God to bless our efforts, our plans, our goals. One of my favorite quotes that helped me on my way to God’s freedom is by Henry Blackaby in Experiencing God, “When we ask, “What is God’s plan for my life?”, we ask the wrong question. A better question is, “What is God’s plan?””. I’ve seen soooooo many people in frustration and even anxiety because they couldn’t come up with some grand plan that God was supposed to have given them. How does one tell the difference between our plans or God’s leading?

Well, we don’t always get it right, do we? But, I do think I have a check point to ask ourselves. Does this represent “living abundantly”? Or is there a need to accomplish and if I don’t accomplish, then (fill in the blank with anything tied to rejection)? I am convinced that in everything we do, it’s to be done as an offering of praise to God. For example, even if this blog is read by only a handful of people, it’s an offering to God as I sit here typing and enjoying “living” in his presence and the peace that comes with that.

Who are you wanting praise from? What a blessing it is to sense the Lord telling you, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. We honestly don’t know what our actions could be affecting in the heavenly realm. That’s a mystery.

The benefits of following God in this manner:

  1. You will know God’s provision and peace.
  2. You will learn to live, instead of “doing life”.

We will get to number 4 tomorrow. If you are truly seeking the Lord for his purpose, what He’s doing and how you can come alongside what He is doing, you will know His  provision, peace, and freedom to live. I’m not advocating not being responsible and working or serving those around you. Quite the opposite. The difference is, that worry, need to control, and the pressure to perform will ebb away. Honestly, it’s hard to explain in words the blessings that will be yours if you will follow God, His way.

Oh Lord, thank you that your way is so much more simple and lighter than my ways. Please give me the courage to stay focused on what You want, as I learn to trust You more every day.

Lots of love,


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