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How to Tell if You Are Too Busy

Are you really too busy?

Are you a champion of being busy, brandishing the sword of muti-tasking with great skill, keeping the irons hot in multiple fires? It’s easy to do with our task-oriented society! Some people admit they are too busy, while others honestly don’t know that their hectic lifestyle is taking a toll on themselves and their family. Sadly, some people can be so incredibly busy that they can’t sit down for a while and wonder if things could be different. So changes don’t happen. And, “Being Too Busy” doesn’t go away.

Perhaps you have accepted being too busy as normal or simply being productive.

You may like to read “How To Stop Being So Busy” first, to get a summary of this state called, “Being Too Busy”.

From the first post, How to Stop Being So Busy, “The first step toward getting out of the treadmill of being too busy is to admit that being so busy is not what you really want. Evaluate your life and schedule honestly. Give yourself grace.”

Are you really are too busy? Here’s how to tell if you are:
  1. You feel guilty that you couldn’t get everything done.
  2. You have a sense of overwhelm that lasts all day and continues the next day.
  3. You find yourself becoming bitter about not having “me” time.
  4. You feel guilty when you DO want “me” time.
  5. You wake up at night thinking about all the stuff you “need to be doing”.
  6. One more thing happened and you shut down and couldn’t think.
  7. When something or someone essential needs your attention, it caused anxiety due to a sense of lacking the time to attend to the need
  8. We won’t talk about the bad over-reactions that often happens with the “hectic” attitude. You already know about it!
Donald Duck having a temper tantrum
How I feel when “one more thing” happens.
What if it could be different?  

Do you…..

  1. Pause and notice how beautiful a new day is
  2. Wonder and daydream
  3. Listen with “all your ears
  4. Explore
  5. Experiment

The saddest part about being too busy is that it takes a toll on a very special part of us called, “creativity”. Creativity is from the depths of who you really are. And who you really are is exactly what God wants the world to see.

It’s time to take an honest evaluation of your daily and weekly lists of tasks and events. What if you see these symptoms in someone you love? That’s usually easier to see in others than it is to take an honest look at ourselves!  Remember, “grace”. Grace for yourself and grace for others. Be on the same team and conquer this thief together!

Dr. Kellyann talks about how a hectic lifestyle can affect your health. Although this article is about good gut health, she has a whole life approach that includes having a good balance in your life. You may enjoy reading this article:

What if you can’t stop being so busy right now?

To be truthful, there are simply going to be seasons of life when you will be too busy. Anyone starting a business or having a newborn in their family or having a teenager who is graduating high school that year can attest to that.

Take time to evaluate.

But, even if you are in an unavoidable busy season and no matter what stage of life you are in, it is essential to evaluate your schedule. Once you do that, then you can make the necessary steps to create space in your schedule for times when you can truly take a short break on a daily basis. Yep. Daily basis! The “rest” will begin to happen too. You’ll see.

Being too busy is having unnecessary items in your schedule that are not beneficial, or has become harmful to you and your family’s sense of well-being.

Sometimes, we didn’t know that we were overcommitting ourselves when we say, “yes” to that activity or added responsibility. It may have started out with good intentions or seemed relevant to your family, but has now become a burden when combined with those things that really are essential.

Here is our latest offer that will equip you and your family:

Start now.

Block out 15 minutes today and take an honest overview of your schedule. Take that first step toward your commitment to stop being so busy! A meaningful conversation with yourself and/or your spouse will need to happen if you want to begin the steps toward change. An honest assessment is the beginning of change. Then, make an appointment with whoever may be affected by your busyness and talk it over with them. Teamwork!

Don’t skip out on yourself and your family!

To initiate a change, start with an honest evaluation.

The next step will be learning why Being Too Busy happens.

We’ll talk about that in the next post.

Until then,


“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.Mat 6:33 CSB

Light brown hamster with hands in front of mouth

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