Make This Easy Checklist Every Sunday Evening!

Checklists are quick and easy and they work

Making a simple checklist on Sunday evening before you face Monday morning can be a total game-changer for your whole week. Didn’t get it done on Sunday? Take five minutes the first thing on Monday and set the tone for a more organized day. The trick is to keep it easy, simplify the things that you have to do, and get rid of the things that really don’t need to be on that list.  

What if you didn’t organize your week and now you dread the rest of the week. Don’t give up! Don’t let that put a damper on the rest of the week. You can get that week organized in just five minutes a day. 

I’m going to show you just how easy that can be. You’ll want to download the checklist so you can follow along with me. You can even fill it in right from your phone and edit it with your own entries. Subscribe HERE to get the link sent to your email box.

Planning ahead empowers you to make executive decisions about your week. You get to run your schedule instead of it running you. This simple task of checking off the “little stuff” clears the way to be able to take a good look at all the things you really don’t need to include in your day. Be empowered to prioritize!  

Getting a quick start to your homeschool day is so simple to do when you have a super easy checklist.  

Organize your day with this easy checklist.

The steps are easy. 

  1. Schedule a time to check things off your checklist and then actually do them. 
  2. Get your kids to help you. (what?) 
  3. Clear the way for the important things
  4. Make it fun

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Download these printable and fillable checklists-one for you and one for the kids!

Easy checklist to set the tone for a great day

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When is the best time to go through the check list? 

The ideal time to check your list is Sunday evening. That way, you may get a better night’s rest. You won’t have to keep the checklist in your brain any longer.  

This checklist is quick. Simply carve out a five-minute routine on Sunday evening. Taking care of a few painless items will help you start your whole week off to a good start. Also, if you zip through this every night, you’ll navigate through the “big stuff” easier all week long. 

Let’s start with meals for the next day.

If you know what’s for dinner tomorrow, then you won’t be scrambling for an idea an hour before you have to eat. So, do you know what you are having for dinner tomorrow night?

Set the meat out to thaw. (Some prefer the sink, others prefer the refrigerator if it’s an overnight thaw.) You can lay the rest of the ingredients out on the counter or in a designated spot or basket. Or leave them in the cupboards after you make sure you have them. Do what works for you and stick to the routine. 

Do you have all the ingredients? Are you sure? If not, what is your “plan B”? Mark it off your checklist! 

Devotions are ready

The very best way to start your day off right is to spend time in God’s word, the Bible. I know that this may be difficult to add to your morning, especially if you are not a “morning person”. Yet, giving this part of your day to prayer and listening to God’s voice cannot be replaced with any advice or some task that seems important.

If you can get up just thirty minutes before the children do, you will have the chance to pray for them and to ask for guidance for the rest of your day. I often had a nursing baby during that time or a toddler cuddled up next to me. It served as a time when that child could have me all to their self.

You may try a devotional to go with your daily quiet time. My favorite is “In Touch” by Charles Stanley. You can find it HERE. If you subscribe, you can get the devotional booklet sent to your home address. It’s a bit different and a little longer read.

So, clear a corner where you can sit and read, pray, and listen. Do you know where your Bible is? Do you have a devotional ready (if you are using it)? Put them out so all you need to do is grab a beverage and go to your prayer spot.

Prepare and program your coffee pot

Take just one minute to prepare coffee or tea so that all you need to do is either turn it on or program it to be ready for you when you get up. I drink tea, so fresh simmering water is best. I still need to turn the burner on to heat the water. While my water is heating, I feed the cat and put dishes away.

Your turn

Go through the other items on the checklist and follow the same questions. Ask yourself, do you know what or where _____________________? Are you sure it’s ready? Go make sure (no guessing or assuming) and place items you will need where they are easily accessible. Great. Mark it off! On to the next item. 

Get Your kids to help check things off

Empower your kids to be the CEOs of their list of things to do. They need to learn how to organize too, so why not use this list to help them with an essential life skill? Engage them in finding out if you have all the ingredients for your meals.

Let them choose their wardrobe. If you will allow them to choose their clothing, then they will learn how to do that. (And they will embrace their individuality through this simple and practical exercise.) That will be one thing you can check off quickly because they were the ones who actually did the work. 

Enlist their help with finding ingredients for your meals the next day. They can help you find ingredients or bring laundry to the washer so it will be ready to move to the dryer in the morning.

Do the important things first

Is your list too long? Don’t let it be! This checklist is for getting the “small stuff” done so you can be unencumbered with the “big stuff”. In other words, move essential things off of your “clear the way for tomorrow” checklist. You are only getting those little nagging things done so that you can get a clear view of the priorities that truly need to be done.  

For example, a job is important if you want to eat! Getting some school work done is important if you want your kids to get an education. Making time for relaxation can be a priority. Taking Grandma to the doctor, going to church, having playtime and naptime could also be important things that really need to be done. 

The checklist helps you to be organized so that you can get those important things done without the nagging thoughts that you weren’t on top of your game and now you are in a crisis and the pressure to get to the less important things done sets you up for bad moods all around.  

So check those things off and relax.

Make it Fun

Think of the benefits you will enjoy when you start your week with your checklist completed before the week even began. The best way to make it fun is to have a reward ready and waiting when you get it done. Some ideas may be a movie, a game, a bedtime story, a glass of wine. (I like a small glass of eggnog when it’s available!) Offer a few extra minutes to “stay up” if the kids help you go through the list quickly.   

Fun begins when there are not surprises about necessary chores.

Be clear with your family and kids about the chores that need to be done before breakfast. Give them a short checklist Sunday night so they know ahead of time what is expected. Give yourself a short list too. 

Here is an example of a super easy morning checklist.

  • Eat breakfast
  • Brush teeth
  • Make the bed
  • Lay night clothes on the bed (or lay fresh ones out) 
  • (Throw a load of laundry in the washer and/or shift clothes to dryer)

Just clearing your mind of these easy-to-do checks will give you the charge you need to get on with the day. 

The free fillable and printable checklist has my examples and a blank checklist that you can fully customize. I even included a super simple checklist for the kids.

You may want to start out wiht the checklist that’s already made for you and then adjust it to your family’s needs.  

If your school schedule is the cause of overwhelm, consider simplifying your homeschool schedule with the help of this article: Why You Need a Simple School Schedule With No Regrets 

If you are ready for the next step toward an organized life with the ability to prioritize quickly, you will enjoy the next post on this series of organizing your life. The Surprisingly Easy Way to Prioritize Your To-Do List.

Now go out there and be the boss of an organized homeschool morning!

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