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How to Plant a Tomato Seedling

Tomato plants love to be transplanted.

If you purchase plants from a nursery, I recommend buying plants that are no more than nine inches tall if you plan to transplant them into your garden ground. This tutorial will show you how to transplant a young tomato plant to your garden.

If you started your tomatoes from seeds they are ready to be transplanted when they are no more than nine inches tall. They will be nine to twelve weeks old. To learn how to start tomatoes from seeds read this post:

How to Plant a Tomato Plant Tutorial


Bury the root ball and stem.
  • Prepare your soil at least one week in advance of planting the young plants. To see how to prepare a rich garden soil, read this post:
  • Dig a narrow hole in the soil,  deep enough to bury most of the stem so that the first true leaves will be just above the soil line.
  • Throw 1 tbs. Fertilizer into the bottom of the hole
  • Soak the bottom and walls of the hole with a solution of Garden Friendly Fungicide (see note below)
  • Lay the tomato plant in the soil.
  • Gently fill the hole in around the stem.
  • Soak the surface and the exposed plant with Garden Friendly Fungicide         
  • Follow up with a gentle soaking spray or sprinkler until the soil is moist below the surface.
  • You will need to monitor the moisture level of your new garden bed of tomatoes, keeping the soil moist, not too dry nor too wet.
  • Continue to spray the plants and soak the soil with the recommended mixture of at least once every two weeks. Once a week is ok, especially if your soil has a history of having plants that have a disease.

The plants will grow slowly at first. If your soil has been enriched naturally, the plants will start to grow rapidly after a month or so.

Note: This product was a total game changer in the health of my plants. For information about what it is:

My brand is Southern Ag Garden Friendly fungicide. I purchased mine from a local garden and plant shop: Brownlee’s in Plant City. It is about $20 but the bottle will last a long time because it is so concentrated. Here is the website and information about the shop:

Future posts will teach you how to trim the plant and how to stake the plant if it needs it.

Now go make some tomato plants happy!

Until next time,


A happy tomato plant, ready to grow!


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