Start Here: Easy steps to build an organized schedule

You can live an organized life even if you don’t know where to start.

It’s absolutely the pits when you end the day or week, or (ugh) the whole school year with frustration because you can’t account for your time. Discouragement and self-doubt can find places to take root and grow until you are depressed and feel like giving up. You can start now on the road to an organized life that will bring a peaceful atmosphere to your home.

I’m going to walk you through easy steps toward a well-run household and family life.

When you are prepared for the day, your confidence in yourself, and your ability to lead your family will grow strong. It’s hard to stay one step ahead, but with tips, pointers, and an easy system, you can do it! 

With just 10 minutes a week, you can map out your entire week, covering all the areas of your life. 


Children develop a sense of stability when there is a daily routine. And, routines need preparation. This series of posts will help you establish a good routine that works for your family. After you start your week with a strong start, you can then progress to the next step that will help you prioritize the tasks that support a good routine. Then, to make it easy, peasy to track, I show you how to get that all on a list that you can happily cross off as you do the tasks. 

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Work through these organization tutorials at your own pace. 

  1. Easy Checklist for Monday Morning
  2. How to Prioritize
  3. How to transfer priorities to a checklist
  4. How to get your kids involved and responsible for themselves 

Easy Checklist for Monday Morning

The easiest way to start organizing your home life is to create a quick checklist. You will learn how to make your list in just five minutes. The secret to sticking to the list is to fill it with those things that are truly important and non-negotiable. You can create a master list that you and your kids can use over and over again. The article of instructions and suggestions comes with a printable or fillable checklist that you can adapt to your family’s needs. Organize Your Homeschool Mornings Today

How to  Prioritize

The second step to organize your home life is to do the most important things first. Now that you have that easy checklist made, what happens to all the detailed items that need to be done? That list can become so long that you feel like giving up before you even begin! Prioritizing will give you clarity on the most important items that you would like to accomplish. These step-by-step instructions and the printable/fillable worksheet can be used over and over. You may be surprised when you see your results. The Key to Organizing is Prioritizing

How to transfer priorities to a checklist

You are ready for the third step. Make an easy list to follow. Don’t be tempted to go back to those complicated planners and calendars. Now that you know what your priorities are, you need to be able to zip through the tasks easily and quickly. The satisfaction of working through your list is so rewarding. Your kids will love seeing their progress too. How to Transfer Priorities Onto a Simple Checklist

mom and daughter discussing plans

How to Get Your Kids Involved 

Kids are more likely to work through their own priorities if they help make them. This article explains how to empower your kids to make their own priorities, set their own goals, and be responsible to achieve them. Once they get the hang of it, you all will benefit from a more peaceful home. Here’s the link to “How to Get Your Kids to Make Their Own Schedule“.

What if you don’t get it all done? 

The beauty of making your own master checklist that comes from your own priorities is that they can move into the next day or week. If you find that you are consistently not getting the top priorities done, you will need to take some time to talk about what is most important. 

For example, if you didn’t get an important task done, but you did get a less important task done, one of two things can be done. First, ask the one who needed to accomplish the task if self-discipline can be improved. The other possibility is that the less important task is actually more important than you think. Remember, your family has its own rules. You get to determine what is best for your family. 

Be sure to factor in some rest and fun time. The old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” is true. For inner peace, a walk or time reading a book could be an important part of your day or week. If you are too busy to include family bonding time and time for friends, you may benefit from this article: How to Stop Being So Busy

Are you ready to start? Click the first one and you will soon be living an organized homeschool life!

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