How to Get Your Kids to Memorize Scripture

Your kids can memorize Bible verses even if you aren’t good at it!

There’s one thing that I was not good at as a homeschool mom and that was getting my kids to memorize scripture. We read from a Bible Storybook or the Bible every day, attended church at least once a week, and included Bible study in our homeschool. My excuse was that I was not good at memorizing by that stage of my life, so I didn’t make them do it. It’s one of the few things I regret as I reflect back on those years. I wish I had had an easy system that they would have liked doing. Memorizing scripture can be a part of your homeschool day. Let me tell you a story about how important memorizing Bible verses can be. 

Memorizing Scripture can bring your child to Christ

I was nine years old when I went to a Vacation Bible School at my grandparent’s church. We had to memorize Psalm 19 in order to receive our very own Bible at the end of the week. I practiced and practiced. By the end of five days, I could recite the whole chapter, with just a little prompting. I’m glad to say that ALL the children got a Bible that day, even if they had not memorized the whole chapter, but I never felt cheated. It seemed right that no one was to be denied a Bible! I had accepted Jesus as my savior that week too, so the memory is a treasure. I still remember most of Psalm 19 to this day, 56 years later!

Memorizing is a young child’s stage of learning

Memory work is a good way to learn in all the subjects at school-and for good reason. A child learns by memory before he learns by reason. Without a strong foundation, “reason” can be all over the place. As Christians, we know that scripture is the foundation of learning obedience and trust. We all need the stability of God’s promises and one good way is to “hide God’s word in my heart”. Quite frankly, children can memorize easier than adults can. So, now is the best time to make it part of their school day. Don’t make the excuse that I did. They can do it even if you can’t! 

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Bible verse memorizing tools

Now that I work with children at my church, I became desperate to find an easy way for beginners to memorize Bible verses. There are songs, rhymes, acronyms……seems there are lots of techniques to help. The methods are meant to make memorizing fun and interesting. But, none of them made sense to me. I needed the verses to become familiar in such a way that the kids could actually remember them one day when they need to draw on God’s word.

Are modern Bible memory tools really helpful? 

I’m sure there are some out there, but I couldn’t find anything to replace good, old-fashioned memorization. The short-cuts that are supposed to get your child to memorize Scripture may actually be a distraction.  In my opinion, some songs and some of the “help” really don’t help the child remember scripture in a way that God intended. Kids need to know God’s plan of salvation and His promises of help when we call on Him. Nothing can replace God’s Holy Word. So, that is what I am sticking to!

 ABC Bible Verse Memory Cards

I did not invent the idea of making ABC scripture cards. I remembered an ABC Bible Verse song from an old tape my kids and I listened to during their free time (yep, it was a few years ago!). I also found an example on the internet. So, I found the old song that was an ABC Bible verse song. They were both good but the song wasn’t enough and the other ABC method did not quite fit my need.  So, I combined the resources that had the verses to I wanted and came up with an easy way to memorize 26 verses that would be a great help for kids. I knew ABC cards were a great beginner’s set, so I got busy and created cards that fit what I was looking for. 

The ABC scripture card pack that I ended up with has the solution to all of my requirements. 

  1. They had to be easy
  2. They had to share the gospel OR
  3. They had to be meaningful for future help
  4. The versions had to be as consistent as possible 

One problem I ran into is pretty evident. How can I make sure the verse is either a reminder of the gospel message or a particularly helpful one and, at the same time, start with that particular letter of the alphabet? In addition, what about the different versions of the Bible? I chose the NLT version most of the time. I also used KJV and NKJV a few times, and one time, I used the NIV version in order to stay “alphabetical” and readable for children. 

The ABC Scripture Memory Card list is FREE

When you subscribe, you get access to the library where you can find the list for free. You can download the list and make your own cards. The reference verses are listed in alphabetical order and the version is marked next to the reference. You can choose to make your own, but I have them already made if you want. 

You can subscribe HERE. 

You can get your DIGITAL DOWNLOAD here:

Get the ABC Scripture Memory Cards already done for you

I can save you the time it takes to make your own cards (and getting the free checklist). You can buy them already done for you for just $2.99. All you need to do is print the cards and cut them out. I suggest printing them on cardstock. Then, after you cut them out, punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner and add a split ring to hold them together. 

My cards are black and white print. Colorful cards are pretty but many children find the color or extra pictures on the card to be a distraction. Printing is economical too. 

How to use the ABC Scripture cards and the checklist

The listener can use the checklist to check off the verses as the child recites the verse. I suggest allowing the child to write a large corresponding letter on the back of each card so that when the listener is holding the card up, the child can see the letter as a prompt. It’s good to require the Bible reference either at the end of the verse or before reciting.  

Reward your child for memorizing Bible verses

Remember that I said that my reward was a Bible? What reward can you give your child? You know your child better than anyone, so choose a reward that he or she will truly want to work toward. I know, I know….in an ideal world, they would want to memorize their verses naturally. But, a gift card or a special promise will help them to work harder. You can get your child to memorize Scripture when you reward them.

Help your kids “hide God’s word in their heart”

Take just ten minutes a day to work on your verses. You will be surprised at how quickly they will remember them. One day, you will be able to move into longer passages that will stay with them and encourage them about God’s love for the rest of their life. 

Memorizing Bible verses is one of the best things you can get your child to do.

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