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Homemade Body Wash

Homemade Body Wash is easy! And it will save you money!

Skin needs an additional protective layer of oil, even if you classify yourself as “oily”.  Most of us need help keeping our skin moisturized as we age but even if you are young, you may think that adding oil will only cause problems. If you use the correct kind of oil for your skin type, it can actually balance the level of oil your body is producing. See the link to Mommypotomus below to research what kind of oil that is best for you.

Somewhere around age 50, I realized that soap was no longer an option because it was drying my once oily skin. So, I started buying body wash. They worked fine but I was concerned about the ingredients and I had no idea what they were. 

I began making my own body wash a few years ago and have tried several recipes. All of them were good, but this body wash recipe is my favorite because it’s simple and it works! You may end up wishing that you had discovered oil-based body washes a long time ago.  

Mix castile soap, oil, and honey in equal parts and that’s it! I found the recipe from Heather at

Please feel free to cruise her website as there is a lot of helpful information there. I’m not an expert in what oils are best for what kind of skin you have but her website is a great place to start your research.

There are a few direct sales companies that sell essential oils and they are very good quality. My personal choice for a source that sells essential oils is Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a good quality for a good price. 

Homemade Body Wash is easy to make and great for your skin.

Body Wash Recipe from Mommypotamus:

  • ⅓ cup oil
  • ⅓ cup liquid castile soap, unscented
  • ⅓ cup honey


Pour the ingredients into a jar and shake it! (You will need to shake it every time you use it.) Is that easy, or what?  Let me tell you, this stuff works! Even in my hard, well water.

I found a couple of pretty oil jars at Goodwill for next to nothing. They look so pretty, just begging to be used. Who says they have to be for just the kitchen? 

In the summer, I fill the ⅓ cup amount of oil with mostly almond oil and fill the rest of the ⅓ cup with a bit of olive oil. In the winter, I use just olive oil. Olive oil is too heavy for me in the summer, but my skin drinks it in during the winter months. You can add essential oils for a light scent.


My favorite essential oils to add to the body wash:

  • 30 drops orange
  • 10 drops cinnamon
  • 5 drops clove


Use a body puff or body sponge to make a little go a long way. One cup of this lasts me about 2 months. We have hard, well water, so if your water is soft, it may last longer. 

Note: I don’t use it on my face or hair.

A note about almond oil: Once it is opened, store it in the fridge. Oils that are this good for you can go rancid. I use just oil on my face in the evenings, so I will put only a tablespoon or so at a time in a dropper jar that is in my bathroom. 

Homemade body wash is easy to make. And did I mention, it will save you money! It’s good for you too. And, it is super quick and easy.


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