Homemade body wash stored in pretty, second-hand jars.

Skincare comes in so many varieties and packages, how do you know what to do, which products to choose, and the budget is always in mind. It can get expensive. Be sure to search the blog posts under health, beauty, skin care, or hair care. But first, let me introduce what you will find there.

My philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible, as cheap as possible, and most importantly, good skin and a healthy lifestyle MUST begin on the inside. Yes, your beautiful spirit will shine through, if you will allow it. But I am talking about the way you eat, drink, your lifestyle and the products you put on your skin.

You see, if you put garbage in or on your body, there can only be a reflection of that. If you want glowing skin, healthy nails and hair, flexible joints, and a body that can carry you through life, you must be mindful of the things in which you are building and maintaining your precious body. So, I will be talking about your food choices, the amount of water you drink, the rest you need, how to destress your life, and some  skin care tips and recipes.

I’ll also tell you what I do for my hair, skin, exercise, and the beauty products I use. I use only organic products on my skin. I’ve tried a bunch, and not all organic products deliver the same results.

Have fun reading the blogs and be sure to let me know what you think and share your own experiences.

Lots of love,