Dear friend,

One of my favorite things to talk about is the garden. I love to see veggies growing, fruit trees budding and seeing the fruit that follows, wild flowers that I didn’t plant bloom spectacularly. I know God is at work when I see these things. I can’t really make veggies grow. I can tend to them, but it’s God who causes them to produce and multiply.

I promised that I would talk about number four. I’ll include number seven too:

  1.  Your faith will grow.
  2. Freedom like a child would experience in a safe environment.  

Actually, they go hand in hand when you think about it. If you feel safe in the Father’s hands, knowing that He is in control, your faith will grow. As your faith grows, you will appreciate even more that God is in control. And it keeps growing and growing.

One thing that helps me to continue to trust God is to tell him how much I appreciate the blessings He has given me. It may be as simple as, “Thank you, Lord, for eyes to see this beautiful wild lily. It’s amazing. Thank you for giving me this gift today.”

What if I am unable to be thankful during a season of time? Oh, I hope that when that happens, that I will not be alone. I will have friends and family that will stand in the gap for me. This is  a very important reason that we are admonished to gather together with believers on a very regular basis. We see examples in scripture where at least once a week was normal for believers to meet for worship and teaching. Relationships of this kind are special because the Lord is in our midst when we gather because of His great love for us. And, relationships are to be relational, not observable only. That’s a whole ‘nother subject!

I hope this series of posts have given you lots to think about. I sincerely pray that you will genuinely consider going back through them and see if any part of this series is especially important to you. Again, I emphasize finding a fellow believer to walk with you in prayer as you make confessions. Laying their hands on you with genuine love from the Lord as the Lord works through them to heal you.

Oh Lord, I am so thankful for the abundant life you promised. Please show me every day how to stay with You. I accept your promptings as I know you have my best interest in Your mind. I don’t want to feel I have to DO something FOR you. I just want to live in companionship and humility with You as You lead me every moment of every day.

Lots of love,



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