Gone to Israel!

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Gone to Israel!

Psalm 122

Dear Friend,

Within the next few days, I will be in Jerusalem! The prayer I will be praying for you will be for freedom. I fully believe that Jesus came to set us free from the bondage that the enemy has us in. Jesus came to set the prisoner free. He came to give us abundant life. I believe that and will stand in the gap for you and humbly ask the Lord for your healing.  

The next posts are actually scheduled to publish in Facebook while I am gone through a free service called Buffer. (They have upgrades, but for now, I’m using the free edition.) Because I am also scheduling the posts on my website for the same future date, Buffer calls it “undefined” when I put the link into the schedule (they call it the que). So, it will say, “undefined” link, but it’s ready to be read by the world by the time you see the post on facebook!

Please pray for us, my husband Fred and I, and another dear friend and her husband, and the group of about 25 that we will all be going with. Please pray for our safety. To say it a bit naively, some folks are in disagreement about the recent decision to move our Embassy to Jerusalem. Add the fact that it will be Hanukkah and, well, I’m not sure what to expect. We will be in Israel for eight days, throughout all of Hanukkah. Nevertheless, all this is very significant to us-all these things happening at the same time.

I can’t really explain the “why”, but this last Spring, I got the idea that we were supposed to go to Israel this year. The idea grew and I became serious about contacting a Messianic Rabbi who takes a tour there every year. Even after this latest decision, I am even more excited to go. I am sure this was all of the Lord.

After the commitment was made, we soon ran into all kinds of opposition. From areas of our life that were totally unexpected. Not just difficulty of tasks, but things that were heartaches. And angst about wondering if we would be able to go at all! First, Fred was worried, then we traded and I became worried. Anxiety! And here I am telling you to cast your burdens on Jesus! I had to hold onto Jesus garment as I remembered my conviction that He meant for us to go this year and listen to anything that He showed me that I needed to work through. I truly believe the enemy did not want us to go.

So, know that we will be praying for you. Please pray for us! And of course, I will be sharing as much as possible, through facebook. That is, if I can get my technology lacking brain to actually post while I’m in another country!  At any rate, you’ll hear and see all about it in the days, weeks, months, possibly years (in books I plan to write!).

Lots of love,


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