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God’s Abundant Life

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Dear friend,

The goal in a Christian’s life is to follow God with worship every step we take. But even that goal can’t be by “works”. I mentioned some benefits of giving burdens to Jesus in the past post, Priorities. The ones I want to talk about today are:

  1. You will begin to understand what “do not worry” means.
  2. You will be able to let go of unnecessary things, both tangible and intangible.
  3. You will begin to recognize God’s voice.

Do not worry. That can be really hard. We’ve got the “worry” part down pat! Where does worry come from? Here’s my suggestion, based on my own experience, but also having heard countless people struggle with this. It’s the need to feel in control. What happens when the sense of control is gone? What do you feel will happen? When did that start? Dear friend, this is huge. I hope you will ask someone to help you pray through this. It’s not trite. It’s very, very important.

When we feel a loss of control, we end up making decisions so that THAT will never happen again. Then, judgments are made about people, places, organizations, you name it, if it’s connected to the loss of control, you will see them through a different lense from then on. It’s heartbreaking. It’s the burden that you now carry. Scripture calls it, “bondage”. Again, repentance is key. Forgiveness and then, repentance for your response. Many times, these significant events really take hold of your life. I do hope that if you can’t pray about it by yourself, that you will find someone you trust to pray with you.

Once you do that, the next two numbers will follow at some point. Things that were important and high on your priority list may move lower or disappear completely. You will begin to be more sensitive to the Lord’s prompting about things, even seemingly insignificant things, like the bird that just sang, or the breeze blowing through the pines. You will begin “living”, not so worried about performing or needing to accomplish. God will show you His plan. You will begin to understand that He’s got this! In ways you never dreamed of.

Oh Lord, I have forgiven, and I have accepted forgiveness for my own response, turning to my own ways (even if someone recommended that way). I want to begin living. I want to let go of the need to control. I recognize that my “opinions” are really judgments I have made. But, it’s hard to know the difference, so please work on my heart so that I can know your wisdom.

Lots of love,


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