Florida Garden in January

Yes, those are tomatoes! In January! Crazy!

It’s been a mild winter, so they have survived. But the tomatoes are taking their sweet time about getting ripe.

And there’s a cold, cold front that supposed to be here in a few days.

On the one hand, I want a freeze because I have blueberry bushes, plum trees, and nectarine trees. They all require several cold nights through the winter in order to trigger fruit production.

But I have this amazing volunteer papaya tree that is loaded with fruit. It may withstand a little frost, but not a freeze.

I will be covering the tomatoes if it is a frost or freeze. If I am sure it will freeze, I will also pick the tomatoes that are nearest being ripe.

Volunteer Papaya Tree in January 2019

The papaya tree? Well. The leaves, which are also it’s branches, are very tender and may not tolerate me covering them. But if I don’t, it will definitely die.  So, the attempt will be made.

My garden is going to be completely re-dug by Mid-February. I will be working around the carrots, mustard greens, brocoli, cauliflower, and lettuce at first, but by Mid-March, all but the mustard greens will be pulled and the space will have Spring veggies planted there. The tomatoes will also be out by Mid-March to make room for the new ones I have started.

The garden looks a bit scruffy right now. I have Seminole Pumpkin vines that have a few pumpkins that are nearly ripe. Those will come up by Mid-February. Unless it freezes. In that case, pumpkins will be harvested before the freeze and the vines will die.

This schedule may seem odd for a garden. Unless you live in Central Florida!

Be sure to check out my upcoming posts for timely tips for your garden.



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