“Though we’re very familiar with the story and may understand the concept of resurrection better than the disciples did,

it’s never easy to die to self. But God is a gardener, and He is faithful to tend each graveyard until it blooms with new life.”

Charles Stanley, In Touch Devotional, Feb. 2019

Have you ever thought of your own heart as a garden being tended by a Master Gardener?


The garden is a wonderful place to be drastically open with the questions you have about life. If you are His, you will hear His voice. The work you do in the garden reflects how God works in you and through you.

There are lots of reasons you may have for having a garden. It may be economical or it may be a conviction that organic is best for you and your family. Those are good reasons. But there can be so much more to find in the garden.

My own personal journey of gardening may be similar to yours.

When my motive for having a garden was mostly economical, it didn’t take long before I had to fight resentment. The hourly wage calculated for the amount of harvested vegetables could have easily been surpassed by a minimum wage job! I am sure it paid us many times over in our health as evidence of the infrequency of doctor visits for a family of nine, but the resentment was still there.

The first change of heart happened when I realized how much I actually enjoyed gardening.

The thrill of growing a vegetable from seed, caring and watching over the plants, and finally getting to eat what I grew was very satisfying. I settled into the idea that, sometimes, a busy mom can do something she actually enjoys! Even more importantly, that realization was part of self-acceptance. My love for gardening is actually something that God wove into my personhood. I can embrace that and find joy in my delight over things that make me so happy. Things like finding beauty in the growth of vegetable plants or gorgeous fruit hanging on a tree.

Another appreciation and deep gratitude came when I began to talk to God while I worked in my garden.

The garden became a place to ask God a lot of questions while I prepared the soil or cared for the plants. God answers questions! Sometimes, the answers are “aha” moments. Other times, it a call to a sweet surrender to truth. There are also times that something is revealed as I quiet my own heart and what I think things should look like.

Finally, the garden is a place of fellowship with the Lord.

Those times when I have nothing in particular to pray about, the garden is still a place to pray for others or simply enjoying the way my work on earth (in the dirt!) somehow is working with God and His great work both on earth and in my heart.

I hope you will consider the garden as a place to bare your heart to the Lord. He will turn your heart into a beautiful garden where He lives.