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How to Harvest and Preserve Green Beans

Green beans are the perfect beginner gardener’s vegetable. Green beans are easy to grow, harvest, and preserve. The best thing about green beans is that they don’t require much attention and they are very prolific for the effort you put into them.

Oriental Chicken Salad

Oriental Chicken Salad is a meal in a bowl! This salad is a fun, delicious way to use the lettuce that you harvested from your garden. 

Homemade Body Wash

This body wash recipe is my favorite because it’s simple and it works.

Favorite Creamy Coleslaw

This recipe is for you if you’re like me and you are just not that crazy about coleslaw. There’s an important step to ensure that you don’t end up with runny dressing and my dressing makes this recipe one that you will actually love.

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