Peaceful Life

Start Here: How to Organize Your Homeschool Life

FREE printables and fillables for organizing your homeschool lifestyle. Organizing a peace-filled home is easy when you work through this tutorial series: How to Organize Your Homeschool Lifestyle.

How to Combat an Exhausting School Schedule

Take time for a bit of recreation. It will recharge your batteries and help you with prioritizing what is the most important thing to accomplish that day. Here’s how to create a healthy balance.

How to Tell if You Are Too Busy

The second post of this series, “How to Stop Being So Busy” is finding out if you really are too busy. Many people would admit that they are too busy, but others honestly don’t know that their hectic lifestyle is taking a toll on themselves and their family. Sadly, some people can be so incredibly busy that they can’t sit down for a while and wonder if things could be different.

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