Matt. 11:28-30.

Burdens are like a heavy sack of potatoes. Unload them! But, you can’t do that by yourself. No amount of discipline will get rid of them. Discipline alone will only move them around a bit! 

Burdens cause us to have our priorities wrong. The Lord has already born our burdens on the cross. Yet, we still have them. Sometimes, we don’t really know what the burden is, we just “feel” it or the pressure to do what we think we “should”. And you may not know why you are carrying them. Furthermore, you can’t ignore burdens: they don’t just go away! Will you be willing to ask the Lord to help you know what or why you carry things that are best left with Him? 

Sometimes, the answer will be immediate. If that happens, don’t brush it off. Allow Him to continue the conversation with you. He knows your language and what you need to work through with Him.  

If you don’t hear an answer, tell the Lord that you are listening and to please reveal it. Keep listening throughout the day or week. You will be surprised when He gives you a nudge about how you are reacting to something or He may make you aware that you have some inner dialogue that reveals a thought pattern that is contrary to His word and desire for you.

Whether the answer is evident right away or some time later, if you want to be set free from those burdens, there is a simple way to “unload them”.  Repentance is the key that releases you from whatever is keeping you burdened. But, before you say “sorry” for trusting in your own ways, you may have to forgive someone who placed that burden on you at some point in your life. With that in mind, may I have the privilege of leading you in a simple prayer that will express repentance and acceptance of God’s forgiveness and grace? Then, leave the burden with Him!

Oh Lord, You’ve shown me a burden that I am carrying. I have relied on my strength to carry it. Please forgive me for the decision to take care of that by myself. I forgive anyone who may have caused me to believe I must carry it (including myself if it was self-imposed) and I forgive my sinful response. I accept your forgiveness as I forgive them. Please show me how to live without the burden. I really want a “new” way of life. Amen.

It’s my prayer, dear friend, that this will be a day of renewal for you. Tomorrow, I will share more about how to follow God without carrying burdens.

Lots of love,


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