Organic Gardening

How exciting to grow something beautiful….and then, get to eat it!

Have you ever seen a ripe plum on the tree? It is gorgeous! The anticipation of getting to eat it can hardly be described. Green beans, corn, squash, tomatoes…they all have the same effect!

Have you tried to grow your own food, but “organic” is too hard? You know, bugs, diseases, the challenge of where to find organic fertilizers…..not to mention where to buy good seeds, how to prepare your soil, which tools are best,  and when do you find the time?

When you sign up for time-oriented updates, I will send you a current “to do” list specifically for your mid-Florida garden. I’ll also send recipes for your harvest and healthy lifestyle tips. The guide will have helpful information for any all-natural garden, regardless of where you live. You can adjust the time for a different hardiness zone. 

My garden is not certified organic, however, it’s pretty close. I do not use pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizer. Most of my seeds are organic, many are heritage. Our personal preference of taste allows us to use some varieties that are hybrid (such as sweet corn and tomatoes), but never genetically modified. The harvested compost is also not organic due to the fact that the animal’s feed and other bedding materials are also not organic. My guide will include how to stay as close to organic as possible with the available resources that would be most common for your use. 

As a family of nine, we grew most of our vegetables. Someone once asked me if the garden saved us money. I thought for a moment, contemplating the price of bulk bags of veggies that I could have purchased and put in my freezer. But they wouldn’t have been organic. I thought about the tiller expense, fertilizers, and (gasp) pest control. I had to be honest and say, “Well, maybe not a lot as far as food bill, but we don’t have doctor bills.” And that’s huge, seven kids and no doctor bills. Since that conversation years ago, I cut out the tiller and haven’t purchased commercial fertilizers in a long time and the only pesticides I will use must be approved for organic gardens.

Natural gardening in central Florida can be a challenge. Many people give up. I want to encourage a return to keeping life as simple as possible, including life in the garden. A garden is a refuge where you can ask God anything! A daily visit to your garden can become a time you look forward to.

I’ve been an organic-ish gardener for about 25 years now. I experiment a little with every growing season. For example, my experiment in the summer of 2017 was to grow a lot of peanuts. I thought peanut butter from homegrown peanuts would be very cool. The experiment went well but it was very labor intensive to shell the peanuts, roast them to perfection, and then grind them. I decided I would rather boil them! It’s so much easier. Just wash them, put them in the pressure cooker with a lot of salty water, and let the cooker do it’s job. I still have a ton in the freezer……but that’s ok, I eat them for lunch and the meal keeps me satisfied all afternoon. Boiled peanuts are wholesome, high in protein, and a real treat. Interested? You can do this! Peanuts are easy to grow. Watch for a post this coming summer and I’ll show you how. 

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