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Hi, I’m Debbie. I believe every family can grow at least some of their own food, teach kids successfully and stay calm! Let me show you how.

I’m a veteran homeschooler of 23 years, and an avid organic vegetable gardener for 28 years and…..

Addicted to catching the gleam in a child’s eye when they suddenly “get it”.

With seven children to teach, I integrated as many subjects as possible while keeping several different aged kids interested and learning.

My garden is my “secret garden” where I discover so much about God’s world. Naturally, I learned how to preserve the produce and developed a lot of tips and shortcuts from seed to table.

I can’t wait to share what I learned with you!

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How to Create a Unit Study

Learn how to create a Unit Study from start to finish with this thorough tutorial. Subscribers can download a free printable workbook that goes with the instructions in this post.

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Your Children Will Thrive

We were made to wonder, to explore, to discover, and then use that knowledge to make conclusions. It’s not to be all “rote memory” and parroting back given facts. Read this article from a veteran homeschooler.

The Secret Inside Series

Teach your child the hidden secrets in plants. Start with seeds and explore the whole world of plants with veggies from the garden or grocery store. Each lesson has a free printable workbook for your student. Your child can discover hidden secrets inside plants that will be unforgettable. Start by cruising through the subjects listed on the Botany for Kids page.

Grow Your Own Veggies

How to Grow Carrots

Carrots are easy to grow if you know the tips and secrets. this is a thorough tutorial on how to grow carrots from seeds.

green beans on bush

Grow More Green Beans

You will be amazed at how many more green beans you can harvest from your family garden by following these simple steps.

Grow Tomatoes

You can successfully grow your own tomatoes with this comprehensive guide covering four main categories: How to water, prune, fertilize, and how to keep bugs off the tomato plants.

Garden Recipes

Can Green Beans: Basic Canning

When you master how to can green beans, you can can any veggie. Full tutorial canning from start to finish.

Thie ear of corn is ready to pick

Harvest and Preserve Corn

Pick corn at just the right time and take these shortcuts and tips that makes preparing the corn for the freezer a breeze.

Better Than Strawberry Shortcake Bread

Better Than Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Bread will become your favorite strawberry recipe. Drizzle with fresh strawberry glaze for a rich dessert. 

Freedom Lifestyle

A rocking bench outdoors overlooking a backyard and pasture

How to Stop Being So Busy

If a sense of “something’s wrong” is stirring in your heart, it very well may be that being too busy is driven by an unhealthy hidden felt need.  

Create a Refuge

You can create a home that is a safe haven for all. It’s possible with any size budget because it starts with you! Here’s how to create places in your home.

Combat School Exhaustion

Take time for a bit of recreation. It will recharge your batteries prioritizing will be easier. Here’s how to create a healthy balance.

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May all your weeds be wildflowers!


When you join our community, you’ll receive access to FREE printable workbooks, including the unit study workbook, student chapters for my kid’s botany lessons,and more.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.Mat 6:33 CSB

When you join our community, you'll receive access to FREE printable workbooks, including the unit study workbook, student chapters for my kid's botany lessons,and more.

Don't forget to get your FREE Printable Unit Study Workbook, and Free Student Botany Printable Workbook Chapters and more!

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