Welcome to Seasons of Devotion

Debbie Schreffler, gardener, cook, lifestyle enthusiast, and devoted to God.

Have you wished someone would tell you….

What to plant, when to plant it, how to plant and then, and how to care for your Florida vegetable garden?  

Seasons of Devotion offers a time-oriented guide with information for your vegetable garden and more. 

The blog posts will give useful information and specific instructions for a successful garden in zone 9, subtropical Florida.  The information in the posts can also be applied to gardens everywhere. I focus on all-natural gardening (as close to organic as possible), and the different tasks to do with each season.

You will have vegetables to eat! You’ve made a great choice to grow your own food. So, now you need some recipes! Many of the posts will have wholesome recipes that match the seasonal vegetable harvest. They will be sure to become family favorite recipes. I know because they have been our family favorites for years. Many people remark about how healthy my husband and I are for our age. First of all, we are thankful to the Lord for health as we believe it is a gift from God. Including vegetables and fruit in your diet is a great way to show your thankfulness. They reward our bodies with a greater ability to fight disease and illness. 

A gardener’s lifestyle often includes all-natural body care and wholesome lifestyle choices. There are blog posts that discuss the things you put on your skin and the things you clean with as well as helpful ways to find time to rest-an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Woven into all of life are those things we wonder about. The garden is a refuge for the conversations you have with God. There’s something about working with your hands that helps you to listen. The garden is the perfect place for listening. With that in mind, I will also post some occasional thoughts to ponder while you work. 

Sign up for the posts to come directly to your email. You won’t want to miss the timely alerts for your garden. 2019 is a year of “building” so more information will be added to the website as the year progresses. I will send out information that is pertinent to that time of year. Grow with me through the seasons!